Ashley Hanson

Ashley is the founder and fearless leader of the Department of Public Transformation. She is a theater artist, community organizer, entrepreneur, musician, and advocate for arts in rural areas. Ashley is also the co-founder of the community-driven theater company PlaceBase Productions, the immersive event collaborative Curious Incidents, and the youth arts organization Adventure Arts. She is a firm believer in the power of people, places, stories, and exclamation points!   /   / 



Ellie Moore

Ellie is a place-based educator and creative, driven to connect people across difference. She draws inspiration from wilderness as the untamable— from the Pacific ocean to the landscapes within.


Mary Welcome

Mary is a small-highway long hauler and citizen artist working with rural communities across America. She brings all of her counsel and plenty of controlled chaos to the Public Transformation team.


Hannah K. Holman

Hannah is a poetic playground builder, motion moment maker, and spreadsheet storyteller leaping between art and administration in a single bound. She is deeply invested in arts-inspired conversation, community, and connection.


Randi Carlson

Randi spends her time building communities, both on and offline. She helps others tell their stories to grow an understanding between one another, and is always looking for new ways to do so.

Contributing Artists & Organizations

This is an ever growing list of artists who have shared their time, stories, and art with the Department of Public Transformation. If you are interested in being involved, please contact us!

Nikiko Masumoto, Masumoto Family Farm
Tray, East Jesus / Slab City
Stuart & Emily Siegel, Sonoran Desert Retreat Center
Wolf, Muralist
Tom Kiefer, Photographer
Kat Anderson, Muralist
Jaclyn Roessel, Grown Up Navajo
Michael Rohd, Center for Performance & Civic Practice
Gabriela Munoz, AZ Arts Commission
Lisa Jayne, Playwright
Tom Kennedy, The Ancient Way Arts Trail
Warren Montoya, RezonateArt
Joseph Kunkel, Sustainable Native Communities Collaborative
Toni Gentilli, Santa Fe Art Institute
Patrick Kelly, Old Jail Art Center
Jeffery Lance, East Texas Rural Arts Council
Doug Brown, Potters Brown
Zeke and Marty, Zeke and Marty Jewelery
Jeanne Schilling, Arts for Rural Texas
George Marks, Nunu Collective
Calvin Phelps, Pike School of Art
Xavier Vendrell, Rural Studio
Susan DuPlessis, South Carolina Rural Community Arts Initiative
Emily Nicastro, ArtFields
Dylan Locke, The Floyd Country Store
Casey Worley, Floyd Community Theater Group
Ben Fink, Appalshop
Geoff Marietta, Pine Mountain Settlement School
Alexia Ault, Higher Ground Theater Project
Savannah Barrett, Kentucky Rural Urban Exchange
Rachel Ensor, Murphysboro School of Art
Rachel Kuhle, Festival Theatre
Mary Gillespie, Granite Falls Area Arts Councill
Hugh Weber, OTA, The Institute of Possibiliity
Peter Strong, Racing Magpie
Ashley Pourier, Red Cloud Indian School & Heritage Center
Kyren Conley, Carnegie Arts Center
Nate Laybourn, Muralist
Richard Saxton, M12
Kirsten Stoltz, Joes Arts Collective