Ajo, AZ (pop. 3,705)

On January 6th, I pulled into Ajo, AZ in my little yellow school bus, where I had the sincere privilege of meeting a number of artists and leaders in the community. The video featured below includes snippets from interviews conducted with the following Ajo residents:

Emily and Stuart Siegel are the Co-Directors of the Sonoran Desert Inn & Conference Center - in this clip, they talk about being introduced to the term Creative Placemaking and how they balance their desire to be an arts destination with the realities of running a business;

Kat Anderson is a local muralist - in this clip, she talks about what attracts artists to Ajo and some of the initiatives of local artists and leaders to help revitalize the area;

Wolf is a local muralist whose work can be found on buildings all over Ajo - in this clip, Wolf talks about the role of the artist in community development from his eclectic studio; 

Thomas Kiefer is a local photographer and former janitor at the border patrol station near Ajo - in this clip, Thomas talks about how he got started photographing artifacts that are stripped and discarded from people who are caught trying to cross the border. Check out his work at www.tomkiefer.com.